CFSA’s Comments on S 510

Posted with permission from Roland McReynolds, Esq. CFSA Executive Director

Dear Friends: As you may have heard, the Senate is working on a version of a food safety bill, S 510, the Food Safety Modernization

Act. And as you may have heard, there are serious concerns about the impact of this legislation on the small farms and businesses that are

essential to creating a sustainable local food system.

A big push in on to ram the bill through the Senate as early as this week. For months, sustainable ag groups have been working to modify

the bill to create protections for small farms and local food. We have made progress, but we need more time!

North Carolina citizens have a critical chance to slow the reckless rush to pass S 510; for more information, visit and then please contact Senators Burr and Hagan in NC, and your state’s

Senate delegation if you are not in NC.

The website link also has a short two-page outline about the changes that still need to be made to the bill to make it safe for sustainable

agriculture,, as well as links to informative reports from national organizations on the state of food safety in the US.

And, if you haven’t seen it, see this article on a massive potential contamination incident involving industrially-produced food additives,

for yet another example of why highly-processed food products ought to be the primary focus of new food safety laws.




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